Last night, I stayed at work until midnight, and today my wife is upset with me, as she should be!  Why?  BALANCE!!

In my opinion, the best representation of balance is a scale.  One type of scale, if balanced, has the same weight on each side.  However, the scale example may not work because life is full multiple layer of complexity.  Objects  your wife, children, home, car, clothing, television, and even cell phones.

So, how possible is it to balance all those objects?  I personally don’t believe anyone should strive for balance. I believe balance is a false idea.  As an example, consider driving a car.  Have you ever started to day dream?  If so, let me tell you my idea I be thinking about, driving (hopefully), dinner, kids, work, wife, cell phones (hope not) and the list continues.  All that makes me exhausted.

Therefore, I choose to prioritize.  I believe my choices shape my reality, and it frees me from trying to do it all.  We all have this capability to decide what is most important in our lives.  Let me prioritize vacation instead of work constantly.  Let me prioritize quality time with my wife instead of watching TV.

I don’t know about you, but I want to be able to prioritize better in all situations.  It’s tough, but someone has to try it.  How about you?



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